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Life Insurance for Diabetics

DiabetesLiving with type 1 or type 2 diabetes shouldn’t keep any person from getting the life insurance they deserve. In adults, there is much room for improvement in preventing diabetes complications. Because of this positive insight, many insurers have developed their very best most innovative insurance protection for this worrisome, but reversible disease.

Our A-rated reputable insurance partners work objectively with reviewing every applicant’s medical history, including age, A1c levels, whether or not the person smokes, and other factors that round out their individual profile.

Indeed, people living with diabetes can get life insurance!

While it’s true that diabetes comes with health complications, and diabetics are considered a greater risk than someone without diabetes, most would think that they or their loved ones will be automatically charged higher premiums as a result. Brighten up! It’s not an all-or-nothing scenario here; underwriters will treat those with less severe, very well-managed diabetes more favorably. In fact, applicants can or may still be eligible for above-standard health classifications with some providers.

Here are the major underwriting considerations for approval:

  • age
  • type of diabetes
  • smoker status
  • severity
  • treatment and control

life insurance for diabetes