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Final Expense Highlights

Did you know?

The average funeral expense is currently over $10,000*
* Source: AARP, Funeral Arrangements and Memorial Services

It is said that a funeral is the third largest expense most families will face in their lifetime. Aside from burial cost, there can be many additional expenses including medical, legal and unpaid debts.

The death of a spouse can cut your household income by as much as 50%. That would put a heavy burden of debt on a loved one.

A Final Expense Plan is the affordable life insurance solution that helps provide
peace of mind and security
for you and your family!
And, it helps assure you won’t be a burden to the ones you love.

Guaranteed Death Benefit
Guaranteed for life not to decrease. Your benefit can be assigned to a funeral home.

Guaranteed Premiums
Guaranteed for life and will never increase.

Guaranteed Cash Values
Guaranteed cash values that can be borrowed in case of an emergency.

Guaranteed Non-Cancellable
Guaranteed your policy cannot be canceled by the company as long as you pay the premiums when due.

No Medical Exam Required
Only a few health questions to answer.

Available for ages 50-85
Avoids the delay and expense of probate, in most cases.
* Additional terms and conditions may apply